Pre-Primary Program

</>iExplore carefully designs curriculums for Pre-Primary students, emphasizing specific skills that enhance your child’s natural learning process in tandem with their sensitive periods.

Sensitive Stages and Curious Learners

These sensitivity stages are times when as Dr. Maria Montessori explains: children’s brains and their psychological and emotional growth are more pliable and absorbent. Children are unconsciously curious to learn, and tapping into these fluid sensitive periods cultivates a love for learning and intersects into lifelong passions.  

Follow the Child 

Our aim for the pre-primary age group is to cater to each child’s individual needs. We emphasize self-help and consistent routine, which fosters independence, confidence, and responsibility in your child. Well-planned, appropriate, practical-life activities are introduced to your child, which enhances fine motor control, sense of order, balance, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and independence.

Exploring and Experimenting

Our curriculum emphasizes exploration and experimentation, which increases the child’s ability to focus and refine sensory perceptions. Building their language skills is an important learning area of our curriculum.

Teachers are Guides

Children experience various language materials like books, picture cards, and puzzles. Teachers guide students in lessons for listening skills by reading aloud and telling stories to children to support their interest in language.

Continuous Assessments and Challenges

Teachers also prepare individual lesson plans, make continuous assessments, and maintain each child’s portfolio of their progress as they track and introduce new concepts that challenge them.

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