These are the days of normalization.

Slowly presenting new materials and lessons.

Teaching how to sit at a table, walk in a straight line, or set up their own private space. 

In their own space, they learn to respect their work and the space and work of others. 

Line up single file and walk down the hall. 

What an odd concept for a child. 🙂

Child-friendly means they decide to eat what they want. 

Some love everything!

Others…there is always tomorrow or later today. 

This cannot be good for you. I love everything!
(Something this sweet girl would say.)

Now is a great time to join us. We are new to the community, but not new to Montessori. Our teachers and assistants are amazing. We offer so much more than childcare. We are a Montessori preschool, with many programs like Sociodramatic play, sports, family, and summer programs! We all want to move and get back into life. Start your kids safely with us, and see how much it changes their lives. 

We are happy to show your our school and talk about your child and their needs.
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